Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Always Right.

I did not have any task to do at work today. Thanks to, I stumbled to this...Check it...

Shine on and be happy!!!


This is my nth blog attempt. I hope this one sticks. I have deleted two blogs in the past, both containing memoirs of yesteryears. Haha. Blogging is as good as a diary. I used to have a diary in my younger days and it even got me into deep shit. Fuck that. The reason why I deleted my other blogs was coz’ I realized I did not wanted to be reminded anymore of the things that I wrote down – well, some of them. But, yeah, I ended up deleting everything. So eto, bagong panimula. Good luck.

I’m currently at work. Yes, I finally gave in to the pressure. I needed another job. So now I have two jobs. Two real jobs and a whole lot of others pro bono style. Hahaha. Passion nga daw kasi…Fine.

This job I’m in now is new for me. I’m in web development as a content writer / copy writer. Naks! Techie techie…Haha. It has been two nice weeks. Miraculously, I’ve made friends and “blended in” in two days. See, friendly ako kahit papano. My immediate boss is cool. The admin receptionist gives me the creeps but she hasn’t done anything to aggravate my invisible sungays yet. Except that kuya manong guard is so annoyed by her and my immediate cool boss has been her nemesis for the past year/s. Hehe. We’ll see.

Wala pa ang papers ko and magsusuweldo na kami sa 5 so di ko pa alam how much I’m getting. Hahaha. Bahala na si Batman. I hope it will be what I expected and it’ll be great if goes beyond. Ambisyosa! Oh btw, the monitors here suck. Duling na nga ako, maduduling pa ata ako lalo dito. During my first week, the sysad (system admin) dude had my monitor replaced but with the same banana – bluish monitors and blurred letters. Sya na rin mismo nagcomment na “expired” na raw ang monitors. Ayus! And it turns out, only a few here have permanent seats. Others (like me) tend to transfer units – depende kung may nauna na dun sa inupuan mo the previous day. Haaay. But last Tuesday, I was able to get a unit with a non expired monitor, flatscreen pa! Masaya. Kaso today may nauna kaya back to bluish monitors and blurred letters again. Grrr.


Music: Text In the City, Sandwich
Costume: Opi sneakers, old dark jeans, white belt, orange tube, brown vest by Freeway.
Hair: may sariling buhay

Shine on and be happy!