Friday, June 26, 2009

Blogging can be deadly.

I am no expert in blogging. I have no idea on what some blogging terms mean. All I know is that I want to write and take down some of my ideas - more like Dumbledore's pensieve. As I delved into this contemporary way of journal-making and deviated from my used-to-be numerous notebooks, I have happened to come across blog hullabaloos in the past. As much as I wanted NOT to read about them as I have my own burdens to think of, I got sucked into the funnel.

There was the Gucci Gang-Brian Gorrel-Bryanboy-Chuvaness-Dona Victorina scandal (No, di naman ako masyado nagbasa, haha). It involved several high society people and some credible names. It even got into the Wikipedia. There were a lot of character assassinations and name-calling: much like "he said, she said, they said". If I'm not mistaken, it has been one of the most controversial happenings in the blogsphere and up until now, it's remnants are still popping here and there. Then there was the Ala Paredes blog where she got HUGE reactions from people just because they did not like what she wrote. Yes, we have the freedom of speech and all and yes, people would not always agree on things.

Blogging now is one of the most effective tools in creating hysteria from the general public. It can do a lot of good as well a whole lot of BAD. It can be deadly as it can kill someone's character right then and there - with or without justice. Just like false innuendos or hearsays, once it gets published there's no taking it back. Even if the blogger removes that blog, it has already been read by people and an idea has already been etched in their minds.

As I was reading through the controversial blogs, I admit to have been kind of scared to write as transparent as I want to. What if someone who (accidentally) passes through my blog finds something I wrote offensive? What if they attack me? (Feeling naman ako na may nagbabasa noh? Haha) But then I thought, I am responsible for whatever I write. I would not write it if it was not an honest writing from my heart. If someone disagrees and disses me, then let it be. They have their own piece to say and I have mine.

Shine on and be happy!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Evil Triumphs When Good Men Do Nothing

As I was browsing through my files in the hopes of cleaning up, I came across the image above and then I remembered I saved it last year when I browsed updates on Col. Ariel Querubin. I was moved by this image - "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing." It had an impact on me, moreso that a military personnel like him was the one holding the sign.

Like many others, he was not able to fathom any of the bullshit anymore. The only difference is that he spoke up and expressed his sentiments and chose to do it in a bigger way. He risked a lot of what he is and who he is just to be able to try and get the message across. Now, Col. Ariel Querubin is running for a senatorial seat. I hope he wins if it means that he would not stop trying getting the message across - that it's now a high time for everyone to wake up and begin the chain of changes for the country. The current campaigns and call for action are signs of the supposed "changes" and in my heart I wish they are not just a fad.

Trillanes was a fad and now where is he?

Shine on and be happy!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Inspiration: Sarah Gaugler

Inspiration: Sarah Gaugler

I was browsing a local website dedicated to vintage clothing the other night and the writer featured Sarah Gaugler. Her picture was familiar thus I Googled her name and I landed on her Deviantart and Multiply.

Tattoo Artist
Fine Arts graduate
Vocalist of Turbo Goth
A mighty graphic artist
Drew for a variety of famous brands, orgs, and companies
Has a fine taste in clothing and style.
and Tattooed.

...everything that I wanted to become. I salute her!

Shine on and be happy!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just One of 'em Days


I've been feeling weird these past few days. Joseph comments I have not been smiling and that I was not my usual self. Main culprit: I overshot on my budget...well, not really. Rather, I was expecting a soundy "kaching" and unforch, it didn't land on my hands. (To client: I heytchu!).

Just a while ago, my co-worker and I discussed money, or the lack thereof. I told her that it's these days when you just have the super urge to buy lots of stuff, everything you see is eye candy and sumptuous food never fails to tease your palate and the more you fantasize of them, the more you feel grumpy because you know you can't have them just yet. I've been thinking of buying this and that shoes, getting a haircut or curl my hair, purchasing new jeans, coloring my hair a different tone, getting my son new kicks, etc... What's offbeat is that I know for sure that when I have my pockets and wallet refilled (in a few days), I will forget all these urges and cravings. What gives?!

Upon reaching work last night (yes, I am on the graveyard shift and no, I am not in a call center - I may be a security guard, hehe), Joseph texted something like "it's days like these we know we're alive because we are undergoing some adjustments and bits of challenges". It's when I realized that it's just one of 'em days where the stars and the planets do not conspire for you to have your way and shit does NOT happen everyday.

Shine on and be happy!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

David Beckham

David Beckham for Armani...Haaaaay.

Shine on and be happy!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Of Slumdogs and Poop

The other night, instead of spending Saturday getting intoxicated, my partner and I decided to just watch DVD's and pig out at home. After all, we were bracing ourselves with the new and happy responsibility of having to tend for an incoming grade 1 student who runs around the house like a mini tornado.

This night we watched Slumdog Millionaire. Yes, i just watched it the other night. There was a part where Jamal decided to jump in a puddle of poop just to be able to get out of the makeshift toilet and see his celebrity idol. Haha. Remember that scene? Anyway, boyfie asked "Would you do that - jump in a puddle of poop if it was Maynard you would have to see? (Maynard being Maynard James Keenan of my ever fave A Perfect Circle)" I replied a big fat " Ha ha ha, I'm not that desperate of a fan. I am not THAT fanatic".

As the movie came to a close and they ran a clip of that scene again, I asked him " Would you do the same thing he did if it was me you're about to see?" He replied " Ha ha ha, I'm not THAT fanatic". Hehehehehehehe.

Shine on and be happy!!!