Monday, March 15, 2010

Pray for Forgiveness

I knew of friends who were played on by the grandness of life. From others' point of view it may seem that they played with chance, they tested fate. One was a free soul, the other has a free mind. All odds against. For a long time they've always just passed by each other, hi's, hello's, nods, and high fives. Nothing. One fine day under the clear skies and humid weather, they met. Mind to mind, hopes to hopes, dreams. Just that kind where time didn't matter. The ceaseless conversations brought them too close for comfort. It became a love affair which wasn't really as the mind held it but the soul denied it. It became a battle of choices: one chose to save while the other chose to hold back, one chose to keep it under weather the other wanted sunshine. As fast as they met was disconnection. Somewhere in between everything was immaculate...too immaculate that the disconnection washed over it like tide on sand castle.

It is a sad fact that choices, as much as they are free to grab, can be restricting. The systems of the universe are made up by choices. The structures are choices, the foundations are choices. Even the odds are choices - made by people that affect people.

Fate and chance? Can they hold true? They could not be absolute. Choices. Only in a parallel universe free of structure can a free soul and a free mind meet without the odds. Only in a parallel universe can things like happiness and contentment be absolute. Parallel universe.

Shine on and be happy!!!