Thursday, March 19, 2009

Recession - The Big Picture

This saddened me. It's really happening "there".

Scenes from the recession.

Everything shall come to pass...

Shine on and be happy!!!

Strike 3...and you're OUT!

Today I woke up a bit later than my usual waking up time. Ugh, blame it on last night's extended party at the house. It was already 1pm and I was still about to eat my lunch. I ate as fast as I could, without drinking water in between munches. I needed to finish fast or else I'll be late. My work starts at 2pm by the way.

1:15 pm: I headed outside to wait for a cab. It was terribly hot so I shaded myself under the big palm tree.

1:20 pm: It seems like it's Sunday morning. A few cars here and there. No taxi yet, no jeepney. I waited and waited and gave my hair a few flips, checked my nails, shifted weight from leg to leg.

1:25 pm: Still no taxi, no jeepney. My face is sweaty and I felt like running back home to take shower number 2.

1:28 pm: I sent a text message to big dinosaur habeeh, and said there are no PUV's at all. I thought there was a sudden rerouting or there was an accident somewhere up and no vehicles could pass.

As he went out of our house and approached towards where I was, my cellphone beeped. A text message from housemate-friend: STRIKE. DO YOU HAVE WORK? Ngeeeeeek! No PUV's because there's a strike, you idiot!!! Then big dinosaur habeeh came, with a big question mark on his face. "Strike". Hrrrrrrr.

This is part 2 of the strike the PUV drivers staged because of the allegedly high penalty rates LTO is imposing and if LTO does not give in to their demands, the strike will go on for 3 days. C'mon! Why the hell demand for the LTO to lower penalty rates? So the abusive drivers may just go on with all the stupid violations they've been doing on the streets and afford to pay the penalty?! If "not wearing seatbelt" costs P1,200, then wear the seatbelt! If LTO gives in, then they're dumb. If the strike goes on, then the drivers are dumber. Sorry. Just my opinion.

Shine on and be happy!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

night light

written on: December 08, 2007

it's funny how we sometimes surrender to complete stubborness and just go with instincts. nevermind that we were told not to, nevermind that we were told it would hurt - that it would cause the dreaded and much avoided pain in the gut.

it's funny how we try to stand firm on our answers and show other people we were right even if we know it was not the firm stand at all. all the more funny when we swim into the pool of regret when we realize it is way beyond late to even retract a single word. and then it hits us to the core...we can never get one day back, not a single breath back, not a split second, not a blink...

then we realize how much was lost, how much had gone by. all we can do is sit, stare at the beautiful thing lying in front of us in the night. a beautiful thing we can't touch, get nearer to, hold, smell, kiss. everything just slipped away...just like that.

"try to understand that which you'll never understand" - bleed like me, garbage.


Shine on and be happy!!!

free me from my own thoughts

last night, i kept on asking big dinosaur for tales. i wanted him to tell me stories from his past as i go to sleep. he did so. my mind drifted towards where his stories came from and i fell asleep - very much like a child being lulled. hah!

he is a good story teller. his songs, although not really that appreciated much yet, are evidences that he knows what to say to send what he felt or feels. it's one reason why i was smitten by him. i remember when he sent me a cd of their songs. two songs made me cry - (loser me, i know!) i felt the pain, the longing, and the hope he had imbued in them.

this morning he asked me why i wanted him to keep on telling me stories. i paused for a moment and then said "i just wanted to go on a vacation - from my own thoughts even for a while"...

he said "you must be tired, don't worry, i'll go travel for you"

music: purple, skunk anansie
weather: wet
hair: tied up

Shine on and be happy!!!

image: thanks to google.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Waging Wars

Sometimes there is just no middle ground.
Sometimes you have to step up or give way.
But not in the middle.

I did not put fire to the gasoline.
And now I have to contemplate whether to bend or stand straight.
I don't want to have a bad day.
And as I say...
Shine on and be happy!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Kid and His "Opo"

on my way home from work, i rode the jeepney instead of the taxi. the passenger beside me was a kid, about 13 to 15-ish. he was conversing with someone on his cellphone and kept saying "opo". saying "opo" is part of the filipino culture of showing respect to elders, our cultural version of saying "yes" or affirmation.

growing up in a tagalog family, we were trained to say "opo" to elders or those in authority. i even trained my son on saying "opo" instead of the usual "oo" or just giving a nod.

here in davao city, where majority of the inhabitants speak bisaya, i seldom here the word "opo". there's no "opo" in bisaya and instead they just say "oo" which is the standard "yes". but there is quite a minority here who speak tagalog. so hearing this kid beside me say "opo" gave me a bit of delight. filipino kids nowadays, when talking to elders, never really say "opo" that much anymore. cultural decay? maybe. i'm not really a pure traditionalist. i admit to having some form of cultural decay myself but there are quite a few things that stuck with me - that i am proud of.

changing times, fine. i have that considered, but, it's still nice to have a piece of our cultural identity intact.

music: taya, up dharma down
costume: pajamas
snacking on: milk and cookies

Shine on and be happy!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

gifts too early for christmas

we're on the last month of the first quarter of the year. time flies,indeed. i can still remember the smell of fireworks last new year like it was just yesterday and wow, summer's coming already!!!

last month, my dad went to manila for a reunion with the "murphy brats". murphy, being camp murphy (now camp aguinaldo)is where my dad's family lived for a time. my grandfather was a high ranking officer in the military. they had the camp reunion after 25(?) years. anyhoots, so my dad went home and a day before he left, he sent me a message "kai, anong number ng mommy mo?". hahahahaha. he was asking for my mom's number. they've been separated for 20 years now. i texted him back "why?" and he just replied "nothing, just trying if i could have it." wierd. hahaha. i texted him back "wait, i'll ask the madamme first".

so i called up my mom and asked her if i could give her number to my dad. i told her he asked for it. not really surprising but still wierd, my mom was ecstatic! haha. so instead of giving my dad her number, i gave my mom my dad's number and she was the one who sent him a message.

they're friends now. nice. i never really expected it to happen, after all these years. wow.

still swimming in my bliss over my parents' newfound friendship, i received a text message from my ex who's the dad of my son. he said "hi, can we talk?". we've broken up around 3 years ago and never really found a common ground to be amicable with each other after lots of hullabaloo. so i replied and told him my work schedule and to just let me know when he is free for the talk. i was expecting that it'd be about arrangements for our son, who's going to be in grade 1 by june.

the day after, he texted me and asked if we could meet after my work. i said ok and asked permission from the boyfie, my big dinosaur. he said it's okay and he also thinks i have to talk to my ex. so we did talk that night. it went really great. we talked about all the things and decisions we both did. we've come into an agreement to be good friends for our son. past is past and we agreed to not let the things in the past bother us anymore. we've talked about the new arrangements this coming june and we've actually laughed at some things and chitchat about life itself...we've grown, i think. it was nice to see him realize things because i did so.

this was one of those big unexpected moments. he was the one who cut off all ties after we broke up. it was hard coz we have a son but now i'm so glad the war is over, officially. i've wished for this for years. i want to end all the burden and pain - forget what has been.

so thank you, high heavens, for giving these to me. i'm happier now. thank you really. evoke good vibes and good vibes you shall get. thank you, thank you, thank you.

Shine on and be happy!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Global Warming...and the weather.

The Philippines is a tropical country. The weather here can be categorized in only 2 kinds. Hot and cold. It gets confusing sometimes, though, coz either it rains in the morning and it's so hot at night or vice versa.

The weather change and the supposed global warming has impregnated my hyperactive imagination of many wierd seeds:

1. The Philippine Umbrella - One summer, probably one of the hottest it has ever been my entire life, i imagined what if there's a very HUGE umbrella in Cebu - being in the middle of the country. This umbrella would have titanium for its skeleton and could be controlled by a switch stationed in the main office of PAG ASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration). The main pole of this umbrella could be extended to the heavens so when the actual umbrella would be opened, no one or nothing could get hit (imagine that!). This umbrella covers the entire country and we will be spared from the direct sunlight. I know, it would still be hot but at least no direct sunlight. Of course, this umbrella is UV protected. :]

2. Giant Funnels - It has been a Filipino practice to save rain water in tanks and drums. But it takes lots of rain to fill these tanks and drums so I imagined having big funnels to be put on top of the tanks and this saves funnels in more rain water. Tadah!!! Water conservation. Rain water for cleaning the house, the car, gardening, etc...

3. Plastic Boots - When it rains, it pours, when it pours, it floods. Haha. Rubber boots is one of the essential items to have for floods but carrying around these rubber boots are a hassle. Imagine bringing the boots when you go to work or putting them in you bag. What a site. So, I imagined having plastic boots. Plastic as in rollable plastic - packable plastic with elastics on its upper rim. You can't use high heeled shoes though as it will puncture holes. (This idea sprung from seeing people wrap their feet with grocery plastic bags during rainy season and flood)

4. White roofs - Global warming is one of the hottest issues in science nowadays. Ice melting, water reservoirs drying up, etc, etc...This I imagined when I was on a rooftop - what if all the roofs were painted white? This could then reflect more light back to the atmosphere (maybe) thus resulting to the precipitation process. (See, I still remember my grade school science). I did not know that this idea is viable until THIS. My idea was actually feasible. WOW. I have a brilliant brain. Haha.

Shine on and be happy!!!

A Domesticated Weekend

Last Thursday night, I was already concrete on my plans for the weekend. Big dinosaur's (the boyfriend) band was supposed to have a gig on Friday and I planned that on Saturday, we'll go to his place - and stay over til Sunday. Friday came and big dinosaur got sick. Their drummer texted and said he's sick too. Everybody's sick, must be the weather.

So after my work Friday night, I headed home and bid my Friday night unwinding goodbye. Oh boy, big dinosaur WAS sick. Yesterday, I told him to rest the entire day and I'd do the house chores. We usually divide house chores. I remembered that my dad told me to have chicken soup when we're sick so I texted him and ask what kind of chicken soup should I prepare (and told him I was sick too). He said I should cook "talunan" - a native kind of chicken soup with lots of tomatoes and ginger. My dad is a great cook. I am too, I believe. Our difference though is that his food has names, mine does not. I have eaten his Talunan forever and it tastes really yummy. I have never tried cooking it though.

Yesterday's attempt was successful as big dinoasaur liked the soup. I even put 3 pieces of long chillis to add spice to it - goodluck mucus. Hehe. Today I think he feels better. He's not even here now. He went to the mall to attend to some music-related stuff. Before he left I said I missed watching tv. We used to have cable and we had it cut off because nobody watches tv. Drei, our housemate, says we can surf the news on the net anyway. We have wifi connection at home and usually, the four of us go to our separate spots and tinker with our laptops. No one watches tv. Both of the tv sets here don't have the "rabbit" antennas so we can't even see the local channels. Now I miss watching tv. It's Sunday and it's showbiz talkshow day. I can't watch them. We can surf the news on the net but I can't watch showbiz talkshows on the net. Haha. Don't get me wrong, I'm not after each celebrity's scandalous life. I'm just amused watching Boy, Kris, and Ruffa - three of the wittiest tv people I've seen.

Here I am, in front of my laptop, as usual. I give myself 30 minutes more then I'm off to wash the dishes, do my laundry, and probably clean the comfort room too.

How was your weekend?

Music: No Lovechild, Corrine Bailey Rae

Shine on and be happy!!!