Thursday, May 7, 2009


It has been quite some time now that I have been with my partner and yet everyday with him still feels like brand new. I still get giddy seeing him after work, either when he meets me somewhere or he waits for me at home. I used to believe that that woozy and stirred up feeling only lasts up until the first couple of months of being together. Well, my past relationships were like that: became bland within a year. It isn't the case this time. Wow.

Despite seeing him everyday, sleeping and waking up to his face, I could still feel that enigma of sorts. There's still a yearning to know him more despite "what else?". In the length of our time together, we have never fought majorly. It has always been really petty fights - around twice. Haha. I used to ask him why we never fight and we had resorted to dramatizing a quarrel scenario and we always end up laughing. We're crazy that way.

For months I wanted to get into an argument with him just to see how it would be. I never saw him angry. I never heard him raise his voice (except when he sings :]). The last petty fight, the second one, made me decide otherwise. As that immature issue loomed and created the "distance" (because when you fight, there's a distance, right?)I got scared. I did not like how it felt eventhough it wasn't something of a big deal. I will never want to get into a fight with him. NO.

While other couples text each other the usual "Where are you, what are you doing, i love you", he texts me "wear your smile and be beautiful". This reminds me that whenever I enter the door of our house, I leave all work stress and worries behind and wear my smile - because he's there and I would not need anything else. Right from the beginning, he had always made me want to become a better person; not with words or with anything he tells me but just by being his usual self. He has a heart bigger than himself.

Who would have thought this probinsyanong rockstar from the orbit of Mars and Jupiter would land at my hands? The stars and the moon conspired to give this gift to me and I am extremely grateful. I am in love and I love being in love.

Shine on and be happy!!!